Though the singles “Chemical” and “Disassociate” feel right at home with 2017’s The Love You Let Too Close, a good majority of Gone In Your Wake is much more melodic by comparison.

Once you’ve heard “Fake Smile” and “Alone (Outta My Head),” it becomes apparent that the new Thousand Below shares more in common with Hands Like Houses and Emarosa these days, which is more than okay. The writing of Gone In Your Wake is more dynamic and memorable than what we’ve heard previously, showing the band’s progression in the right direction.

Not that there was anything wrong with Thousand Below before—The Love You Let Too Close was a favorite in 2017—but the band seem to have found a more vibrant voice with this new collection. The slower moments are truly pacifying (“The Edge of Your Bed”); the faster moments are more focused (“Vanish”), and the overall structures feature more depth. Gone In Your Wake is a must.

You can purchase the album here.


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