Throw The Fight
(Bullet Tooth)

Throw The Fight feel like a forgotten band. Remember the group who wrote some of the better melodic metalcore of the previous decade? Tracks like “His Blood, My Hands” and “Our Horizons” were personal favorites, and the band were labeled as one to watch. Almost a decade later, Throw The Fight is here to finally fulfill that promise. Transmissions, showcases the band firing (mostly) on all cylindars with a sound equally melodic and punchy. It feels fresh and familiar, a time capsule to the types of rock and metal that were popular 8-10 years ago. It’s the rare treat: a throwback record that’s also the band’s best work yet.

Part of the reason this record works so well is how out of fashion this style of music is. That sounds like a problem, but no one outside of maybe Bring Me The Horizon is doing this sort of melodic metalcore-meets-radio-rock thing anymore. Throw The Fight’s sound certainly could be traced to Atreyu, but Transmissions always feels rooted in melody, whether that be vocally or instrumentally. This is a wonderfully catchy record, and it leaves the listener humming along for long after the album is done. That said, the riffs and leads are also quite well done, even if they will feel familiar to fans of metalcore from ten years ago. “Don’t Let Me Down”, “No Surrender”, and “The Broken Youth” are all wonderful bangers, harnessing the perfect balance between riling up the basement circle pit and a huge arena. Some of the heavier moments don’t quite work (“Gallows” is a low light), but even the requisite slower songs are more effective than expected.

Overall, this is an unexpectedly thoroughly enjoyable ride. Throw The Fight’s brand of melodic hard rock-meets-metalcore hasn’t been en vogue for a while, but that doesn’t mean Transmissions is late to the party. As long as the hooks and riffs hit like this, the fun will surely continue. If you’re looking for one of the best melodic metal records you’ll hear all year, give Transmissions a spin. (Nicholas Senior)

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