Title Fight
(Anti- Records)

Title Fight is a band that over the course of their lifetime has gone out of their way to make sure they don’t do the same thing twice. With each record they try to push the boundaries of what they can accomplish as musicians as much as they can. For the most part it works and I have enjoyed seeing their evolution, which has been the main factors that has made stick with them for the better part of 6 years. With their latest release, Hyperview, I still consider myself a fan but I have to say I am a bit confused.

Easily their biggest reinvention to date, Title Fight still remains energetic but has lost a bit of their bite. The vocals lack the aggression found on previous releases and at points it comes off as soft moaning. More often than not I find myself struggling to hear what’s even being sung; that’s what lyrics sheets are for I suppose.

Musically they’ve stepped beyond hardcore music, which is more than ok with me; if you can make the jump then why not go for it? I’m not sure what you would classify the new sound as but I like it. I’ve seen the phrase “shoegaze” being thrown around a lot but to be honest I hate that description. The name alone sounds as if the music is so boring that you unwillingly zone out just by the mere sound of it, which isn’t the case here.

While I am not in love with the record, I respect that Title Fight made the album they wanted to make how they wanted to make it and gave no fucks in doing so. At the very least I feel the songs on Hyperview will sound much better in a live setting. So here is hoping they grow on me by the next time I see them. Also, I would buy an album of just the instrumental versions of these tracks in a heartbeat. Just putting that out there in case someone at Epitaph wants to make that happen. (Armando Olivas)

Purchase Hyperview here.

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