Endless Night
(Comfort Point)

Toad’s new album Endless Night is just as awesome as I would’ve expected, with their last disc Rotten Tide being far more than just another promising release. What we’ve got here is a group of gentlemen who don’t want to just mix punk and black metal ala Kvelertak, but who want to mix punk with black metal and trippy atmospheres, plus give it a real kick of sludge and make the whole thing as acidic as it is melodic. “Tales Of The Grave” thunders in with punk, but contains just enough black metal to make it truly frigid and not pretentious. “Cosmophobic” adds keyboards to the mix, but still remains committed to smashing out your skull. “Howling House” is what black metal would sound like in its most hardcore element, and I’ll certainly tell you that these two genres meld uncommonly well. Without going into full detail on each of these five tracks, I will tell you that this is a mix of punk, core and black metal that I can truly stand behind; as after the solos on album closer, “Endless Night” I was absolutely floored and would certainly recommend this grimy take on black metal to practically any fan of extreme metal or hardcore. It has enough to sink in the kids (and I really hope that it’s successful in doing that) but still keep older heads like myself happy. These six immensely talented men have really done their homework and aren’t afraid to incorporate melodic death metal riffs with dirty sludge, black metal, core and crust and they do all the purveyors of these genres justice. This is by no means a bunch of kids noodling their way around things, they’ve got experience. Make sure you grab a copy of this one, as it’s definitely unlike anything you’ve heard before. And with increased production value, every instrument and vocal line in this band sounds better than it ever has before. If there was ever a band to give a shit about this day and age, it’s without a doubt Toad. Endless Night is one album that I wish was truly fucking endless. I don’t ever want this night to end. (Eric May)

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