Toxic Holocaust
Chemistry of Consciousness
(Relapse Records)

Thrash metal is on a continuous rise, within the past decade and more a slew of acts have reopened the floodgates of thrash creativity that began in the ’80s. A genre easy to mimic, it’s not hard for a band to fall into the cliché category, but thrash metal remains consistent of the style that fans can’t get enough of. No gimmicks, no auto-tune, no cares given.

Toxic Holocaust are one of the top primary modern day thrash metal bands in the scene. Fronted by metal mastermind Joel Grind, having successfully put out great album after album without a weak slot in their discography and Toxic Holocaust keep getting better. Continuing with the consistency, it is safe to say Chemistry of Consciousness is another solid to the core thrash metal album.

Opening with “Awaken the Serpent,” this song gives a clear indication of what to expect from the rest of the album. There’s plenty of old school thrash metal influence with just the right hint of d-beat in there. Song “Rat Eater” is a cool one, starting off on a bit of a dark note it takes a turn and begins to pick up in the middle. “Salvation is Waiting” is the perfect song to follow, the speed alone compared to “Rat Eater” is almost mind confusing as to what is going on. “Acid Fuzz” contains guitar technicality that we don’t get to hear that often in Toxic Holocaust tunes. Quite pleasing. Catering to all fan bases “Mkultra” treads on the territory of governmental mind control conspiracy, just the right lyrical content for a fitting thrash song. A perfect ending with title track “Chemistry of Consciousness” which might be the heaviest song on the entire album.

While Chemistry of Consciousness is exactly what you’d expect to hear from a Toxic Holocaust release, this album does have its twists and turns with more aggressive lyrical content and musical technicality. Is it just another thrash album? Yes, but a very good one at that. And if we were to comprise a modern day “Big Four” Toxic Holocaust would certainly be on the bill. (Stacey Heath)

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