TRAILS has shared his recently released EP, DIAMOND MIND on September 21 via Cloudkid.

The record showcases a dark-electronic sound that is undeniably addicting. DIAMOND MIND binds 5 tracks together in a graceful and diverse way.

“DEAD” introduces the record, featuring disinterested vocals that flutter through alongside electrifying melodies making for an endearing contrast.

Following swiftly behind “DEAD” comes “SHAKE” highlighting elevated vocals that glides alongside catchy melodies. The song accelerates it’s hypnotic tones drawing listeners in.

“WHAT YOU ARE IN THE DARK” delivers a sultry sounds that produces the familiarity of the tracks that have came before it. Pop melodies seep through making for a striking hook.

The record takes a serene turn with “DISINTER MY HEART” where subtle sounds picks up into a magnetic pull.

Closing out the EP comes “SNAKE” the track follows the theme of the record, while adapting into a new era of TRAILS.

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