Long before the music of Travis became the go to soundtrack for dramatic rainy scenes in TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill, they put out a fantastic and oddly overlooked Britpop album, 1997’s Good Feeling.

Craft Recordings just reissued this debut with the classic sleeve and packaging (the lacquers were all cut at Metropolis Studios, London). Produced by Steve Lillywhite, the album opens with the guitar-heavy track “All I Wanna Do Is Rock,” a song that is decidedly 90s with Fran Healy’s sing to howl chorus, but one that also holds up brilliantly well two decades-plus later.

With Good Feeling, Travis took what Blur and Oasis had started, but came at it with a very guitar-heavy sound. Songs like the opening track, “The Line Is Fine,” (oddly enough this one was not one of the five singles released from this record, but easily one of the band’s best) and the upbeat “Tied To the 90’s” all sound remarkably fresh even now. Even on their slower tracks, like “I Love You Always” the band manages to impress.

In the decades that followed the Scottish band have continued to release albums, some that are pretty remarkable, but none match the energy or the rock-heavy sound of Good Feeling. And yes, this one sounds even better on vinyl.  

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