Vengeance Falls
(Roadrunner Records)

Without wasting a second, Trivium bring the heat within the first song “Brave New Storm.” It achieves a rare mix of having that satisfying bass guitar crunch without sacrificing the tempo of the track. Already it needs to be pointed out here that producer David Draiman (of Disturbed and Device) is an amazing producer. Every cymbal hit on Nick’s drums and every riff played by Paolo, Matt, and Corey is heard crystal clear. “Brave New Storm” has a musical feel that pulls from their album The Crusade, but without the ’80s metal production overtone that record had.

Turning it up a bit, the moshing/anthemic singing really starts in “Strife.” The build-up riffs unleash all hell with this Shogun-esque track, complete with soaring riffs and a thick bass tone that captures Trivium at one of the high points of the album. Following this anthem is the straight forward thrash hit “No Way To Heal.” While it still comes with the familiar tempo changes we’ve come to know and love, it’s a deal much more raw in tone than most of their other tracks. The real kicker though is the intense solo at the end, by far one of the best in their catalog of over one hundred songs.

The only thing that keeps this album from getting a perfect score (and cut down the length of this review) is the fact that they use a similar song structure for almost all of the songs here. It lacks the diversity that Shogun was so well known for and the stand out choruses that The Crusade has. But don’t let that statement steer you wrong, there are tons of awesome riffs and true to heart lyrics to experience here. The production is top notch; I can leave a surprise example of that with “Incineration: The Broken World” and what it has in store for its listeners. Every Trivium album is a deeply personal experience that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. (Ridge Briel)

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