Trophy Eyes
Mend, Move On
(Hopeless Records)

The boom of the pop-punk/melodic hardcore sound of late has definitely led to oversaturation. While bands like Heart to Heart and Four Year Strong are going strong (pun intended), there is a heap of bands that just sort of exist. The good aspect of this combo subgenre is that songs are absolutely going to sound upbeat, earnest, and catchy; thus, the floor for a bad band is higher than, say, boring tech death. At worst, a band will still be enjoyable, right?

That’s what ails Hopeless Records’ latest signing, Trophy Eyes. Aside from the initial single, “In Return”, the band comes across as a fairly middling easycore band. This is a good example of the bottom rung of easycore. The music is tight enough, and the requisite edge is absolutely there; however, Trophy Eyes is mostly lacking in one key aspect: the pop part of the equation. They go for these huge choruses, and the results are more misses than hits. This 11-song album has barely any memorable hooks or riffs. None of the other ten songs would be standouts on a great record. This is, unfortunately, an album of good-to-average songs.

Overall, Trophy Eyes offers up little to nothing that you haven’t heard before. It’s performed adequately, sure, but that’s the highest Trophy Eyes really reaches: adequate. This is a perfectly fine big-time debut if you’re new to melodic hardcore. However, anyone expecting something great will surely be disappointed. Here’s hoping the band can rebound after a lackluster debut. (Nicholas Senior)

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  1. This is probably the worst and most inaccurate review I have ever read in my entire life. This is the true definition of an elitetist keyboard warrior having an envious whinge behind a computer

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