True Widow
(Relapse Records)

Texas-based amp-lovers True Widow are a great example of a band who take a good idea and make it great, compelling music. On their fourth record, Avvolgere, the group double down on the fuzzier elements of their indie/stoner/shoegaze style. the record is certainly better than the sum of its parts, but, oh man, those parts are quite gorgeous. The riffs feel more punchy, the hooks hazier (yet more melodic), and the wall of sound has never been constructed better. If there is a problem, it’s that the band are so damn good at their drug-infused, dazzling sound that while individual tracks are enjoyable during the album’s run-time, they don’t quite stick out after Avvolgere is done. It’s often a “problem” with stoner and shoegaze records, though True Widow are truly too talented to let that diminish such an impressive album. This comes highly recommended for Fall mornings, reflecting on life with a warm glass of coffee or tea.

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