It started in a dilapidated shed. The floor was littered with old sawdust, roaches, and empties. The walls were adorned with egg boxes and pieces of musical instruments long-since destroyed.

The air was thick with stale smoke and dust. There were no windows, only the dull glow of an LCD monitor. It was in that brutal, bleak setting that the album which became Babau first began to take shape.

Reflecting the surroundings that inspired it, the soundscape of the album is an eerie collage of deep, subby 808s; glitched-out trills; melancholy harmonies; and downright disgusting, industrial noise. Drawing on elements of grime, trap and U.K. bass with a touch of classic hip-hop and a distinctly original feel, Tzusan’s production compliments his darkly comedic lyrical content perfectly.
Delivered in raspy undertones with flow and flair akin to Beckenbauer in 76, Babau feels more like binge-watching a series of Black Mirror with Frankie Boyle and Mike Skinner rather than listening to a Scottish rap album.
Boasting features from across the U.K., including Brighton-based hybrid rap posse CMPND, up and coming Leeds MC Donimitsu, SAMA-winning Glaswegian trap merchant Kid Robotik, and Tzusan’s long time SKOOP family collaborators CRPNTR, Papillon, Skillin, and Foula, the release will be sure to turn some heads, melt some ears off, and alienate some distant relatives.

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