Deflect The Flow
(Candlelight Records)

Ultra-Violence has created a phenomenal album. I love thrash; the speed, the impeccable and taut delivery, and the time changes. It borrows from hardcore but is egregiously metal is music and attitude. That aside, this cover art would have had me listening to a polka album. The name is classic and the art work shows the droogs leaving behind destruction in the Durango 95. And they’re Italian.

Ultra-Violence have released on full-length, one EP. The band stands defiantly and leaves behind any notion of doubt that they are to unleash Hell. Ultra-Violence’s influences center the band’s focus on a vicious sound. UV incorporate a slight bounce (“Lost In Decay”) occasionally to their furious sound of heavy, ripping thrash metal. The drums are impressive. The syncopation and timing of the speed is staggering. But “Lost In Decay” and “In the Name of Your God” and “The Way I’ll Stay” also show the influence of hardcore breakdowns. The blastbeats are menacing. The chug is powerful.

Ultra-Violence know how to build the song in sections, like the tension in “Why So Serious?”; peppered with dive bombs. Fast fret works, roiling drum toms and crisp production elevate Deflect the Flow to masterful. Bass lines that engine “The Checkered Sun” will get heads banging. This track embraces a thicker riff. The bridge allows the bass to play around and add depth in the background.

Deflect The Flow is a superb record. If you cherish the hallmarks of thrash, this becomes a must own. There is no high pitch singing (my preference). The vocals border on a hardcore growl without getting ridiculous; exactly how I like it. Each instrument is meticulously considered regarding how it fits it into the big picture. The production is thick and clean and allows each member to showcase their talents. Finishing the album would a great lyrical palate. The band knows how to track list so the album ebbs and flows. Solos are integral and stunning, but never overdone or clumsily placed. Group chants and sing along parts weave through some chorus to ensure a chaotic live show. Violent and heavy, Ultra-Violence conveys sinister thrash. (Hutch)

RIYL: Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, Death Angel, Testament, Municipal Waste, Exodus, Havok

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