Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats
Runaway Girls
(Rise Above Records)

Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats shook the world a few years ago, quickly rising to upper echelon of the doom metal/heavy rock. The band amassed praise from critics who were now allowed to use terms like “psychedelic,” “fuzz,” and “retro” proudly; replacing the terms tired placement in the recent surge in the genre.

UA&TDB lyrics reflect a popular 1970’s glorification mirroring the era’s film of exploitation and danger; while supplying riffs of darker Sabbath. Their second LP saw a slight shift to a more Beatles’ approach songwriting while still opting for mid-Ozzy Sabbath persistent riffs on an ambitious concept album, Mind Control.

“Runaway Girls” unfortunately is a single song; but fortunately continues the impressive catalog of Uncle. They may have only had time to record one song due to extensive touring. They have been highly sought after for the European Festivals, opening for Black Sabbath, and embarking on their US tour this month *(most dates were sold out months prior).

“Runaway Girls” is a fun, galloping tune. The track is a loose, reverb laden song infectious and spooky. The artwork depicts three hip chicks in jeans and positioned in front of dirt bikes. The photo – flipped in the negative – is cut out and placed on a red sleeve. This has the imagery of a grindhouse b-film where women are doomed. The sound, akin to lo-fi filter on The Sword helps seal the fate of the broads as they seek a little danger and predictably find more than they bargained for. But UA&TDB are not sated by cool lyrics and a chunky riff; they certainly have continued with their layered songwriting with time changes and nuanced instrumentation. They have more to offer than the typical retro band and this shows that.

The B side to this Rise Above 45 is an acoustic version of Mind Control’s “Devil’s Work.” The acoustic version extracts a severely haunting tone from the original. While quiet, this version still is unsettling. It’s a cool bonus track. (Hutch)

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