Watchers of Rule
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Unearth’s sophomore record The Oncoming Storm is one of my favorite albums from the last decade. The band mastered the melodic metalcore sound, and every song on that album is liable to start a personal mosh pit at any time. Since that record, the band has managed to put out great record after great record, even if none of them quite hits the high watermark of The Oncoming Storm. While Unearth’s peers are dropping like flies, Watchers of Rule marks the band’s sixth release. Does it continue the group’s impressive string of consistency, or does it finally falter?

That opening riff from “The Swarm” is happy to silence the naysayers. It helps signal what is a surprising development for the long-running band: they are not growing soft with age. Ultimately, there is no sign of failure here, as this is yet another solid slab of melodic metalcore. You know what you’re going to get with an Unearth album, and that’s a perfectly good thing: fast riffs, blazing guitar solos, and surprisingly enjoyable breakdowns. These guys have always been one of the best in the business at breakdowns. In fact, Watchers of Rule is undoubtedly the band’s best record not named after an impending rainfall.

Despite claims of consistency, Unearth’s sixth studio album is definitely one of their best. With a renewed sense of energy and muscle, the band is back and almost as good as ever. You won’t hear anything you haven’t heard before, and a few tracks will blend together, but when it comes to energetic, frenetic, highly enjoyable metalcore, you aren’t going to do much better than Unearth. The band are proving to be quite the impressive force, even ten years after The Oncoming Storm.
(Nicholas Senior)

Purchase Watchers of Rule here: http://unearth.merchnow.com/

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