This new compilation. from the same folks who bring you the Brown Acid compilations, which chronicles, the best, obscure 60-70’s proto-metal, now focus their attention on the decade to follow. Scrap Metal: Vol. 1, chronicles long lost, rare and unreleased heavy metal, from the late-70’s to the late-80’s. Like the the Brown Acid comps, this comp features songs that are obscure, but very worthy of your attention, in that they capture the spirit of the music in their grooves.

Sure, none of these bands, made it “big” and a lot of these songs are from singles that were either self-released, or put out on limited runs or both, but that doesn’t detract from the quality of the music on display. (Though, it must be noted a lot of the singles and EPs these songs come from fetch mucho dinero on the collectors market.)The talent and spirit on display is immense.  You know, just like the Nuggets comps did for 60’s garage rock, and the aforementioned Brown Acid comps do for 60-70’s proto- metal. this one does for 80’s heavy metal. And guess what? It freakin’ rules.

It opens with Toronto, Ontario’s Rapid Tears and their heavy metal mission statement, “Headbang”, which does a nice job setting the table for what is to come. Other highlights include Air Raid’s somewhat sophomoric (but still rockin’), “69 In A 55”, along with Paramis, NJ’s, Hades. with their song “Girls Will Be Girls”, which brings a little bit of punk energy to the mix. Speaking of punk inspired metal, The Beast’s “Enemy Ace”, from 1983, thrashes hard. If you want doom metal in the vein of Saint Vitus and Pentagram, there is the Czar (from upstate New York) track “Iron Curtain”. Hazardous Waste (not Municipal), from Boston, MA, bring us “Danger Zone”, which merges Van Halen style flash with NWOBHM grit and energy.  It ends with Real Steel’s “Viking Queen” from 1987. Not much is known about this band, from Flint, Michigan, except that the 7″ (their only release), that this song comes from, rocks hard and fetches up to a grand on the collector’s market.  This is just a sampling of the quality on display, as all 10 tracks on this album, are all choice.

So, RidingEasy has done it again. What they did for proto-metal, they’re now doing for heavy metal. Scrap Metal: Vol. 1 does an excellent job of excavating some hidden gems from the age of heavy metal madness. Here’s hoping to more many volumes in the upcoming years.

A must have, if you consider yourself a metalhead.

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