Valley of the Sun
Electric Talons of the Thunderhawk
(Fuzzorama Records)

Get down!  Valley of the Sun provide blues based hard rock.  They have heavy catchy riffs, and their style has a unique edge reminiscent of early 90s grunge pre-grunge explosion. That is grunge bands before the radio tampered with their style. Electric Talons of the Thunderhawk draws from influences all over the board in eighties speed metal, punk, and classic rock.  Their vocalist’s singing range strikes me as familiar to Mike Patton and Chris Cornell.

That nineties vibe can be felt particularly on track number two “As Earth and Moon” which starts off as a Corrosion of Conformity sound.  They have the sludge rock soul of Soundgarden taken to a more extreme end without actually becoming metal.

The deep bass groove in Electric Talons may catch your ear.  It hits often throughout the album.

The energetic presentation of the vocalist is very captivating.  He fills his role as the soul of the band, and in my opinion would be a hard replacement.

The powerful guitar riffs are hard to shake.  As I said they are rooted in some old school blues, but pack the edge of eighties metal.  This is done in a way that evades the radio rock style of the last two decades.

His guitar solos can be compared to the technique used by Zakk Wylde and Pepper Keenen. This is the kind of talented guitar player who serves to write good songs and not upstage the other guys in the band.

Valley of The Sun are a refreshing outfit. I would definitely like to see more of their experiment with sludge rock in the future. (Nicholas P)

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