VIctory Kid have released the first volume in a three volume EP set entitled Illenials. With production assistance from Allan Hessler (Goldfinger, Serj Tankian) and Reel Big Fish’s Matt Appleton, Vol. 1 of Illenials brings forth an old school pop-punk flare into 2018.

The EP is set at four songs total, and each one explores a different, all while keeping the same 2000’s alternative punk sound. Each song infuses catchy rhythms, melodic instrumentation, and sing-songy lyrics well, and the entirety of the EP seems to flow seamlessly throughout its’ entirety. From the first to last track not only do the songs seem to get better, but the ideas within them seem to go deeper.

From the first track My World listeners are delighted with a classic pop punk style song with some groovy undertones to make things a little more interesting. Here we are greeted with the classic “man loves girl” type theme that the style has embraced. With each track after we are given other stories, and we begin to see that Victory Kid has something to say.

The lead single on the album “Tuck Frump” is riddled with politically charged rhetoric that pays homage to the foundations to punk as a whole. It goes even deeper as the lyrics begin to shout a message of acceptance and tolerance for one another. It’s these types of messages that will set Illenials vol. 1 apart from the rest of the pop-punk EPs released thus far this year.

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