Miss Vincent

Formed in Guildford, UK in 2012, this punk rock four-piece unleash their debut EP, Creepy, with five songs of blistering punk rock mixed with a touch of pop and a definite Alkaline Trio sound and feel, but with enough of their own sound to keep things fresh. Featuring the talents of Alex Marshall, co-vocalist and guitarist, bassist / vocalist Owain Mainwaring, guitarist / vocalist Lawrie Pattison and drummer Jack Donnelly, this band shouldn’t be unsigned for long if anyone with ears and some sense listens to this EP.

First song “Deadlock” is a catch, melodic song that instantly grabs your attention, and “I Don’t Want This” adds on to the great opener with an even better second song with ripping leads, great soaring vocals and the band making me hit replay a few times before I could move on. “Planning To Fail” has a great driving beat, and would sound great on the radio if radio played decent music that is, “Cary On” has the sound of a band that is firing on all pistons and wants to make sure that you know that they can kick ass which brings us to the closer, “Testing Times”. This song keeps the high quality going and ends an EP that just makes you both happy because you just heard a fantastic band that you know and love, but pissed off because the damn thing is over too quickly.

The ringing, anthemic quality of this band will latch onto you and turn you into a fan and the knowledge that you were there first will make you an insider to a great new band that with luck will get signed and be playing near you soon. (Rick Ecker)

Get Creepy as “Name Your Price”here: http://missvincent.bandcamp.com/


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