The Waco Brothers
Going Down In History

A band that was playing alt-country a decade before the term was coined, The Waco Brothers take a ‘Cash meets Clash’ approach to their unique brand of energy, that is just as much punk as it is honky tonk. Musically it’s about as sharp yet rough around the edges as one would expect considering the pedigree of the members (Jesus Jones, Dollar Store, The Mekons), and legendary frontman Jon Langford’s sneering and shouted singing fits just as well here as it does on the post-punk sounds of his main band, The Mekons. Guitar hooks and vocal harmonies will satiate any fan of rock’n’roll, while the mandolins, fiddles and violins will remind us of what we’re actually listening to under the noisey, loud, distorted rock. Bloodshot does it again- brilliant.
(Tom Haugen)

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