Walls Of Jericho
No One Can Save You From Yourself
(Napalm Records)

After an eight year hiatus, Walls Of Jericho are back with a vengeance. With the release of No One Can Save You From Yourself, the group has essentially picked up where they left off with The American Dream. That album was political, and naturally, so is NOCSYFY. This album seems to be coming out at the right time, as it’s great commentary on the current political climate – ’cause it’s an election year in case you hadn’t noticed. There are many hot button topics, and while the band doesn’t touch on anything specific, they still get their message across.

The first track is the “Intro,” which is a faux-emergency broadcast announcing the President of the United States has declared martial law. It sets the stage for the mindset fans should be in for the rest of the songs. The title track is next, which is one of the best ones on the entire album. It has a sound which is reminiscent of the work on their last record. The lyrics point out we never have a choice because our “choices” are shoved down our throats our entire lives.

WOJ were instrumental in helping me develop my taste in music. Candace Kucsulain taught me that a heavy band can have a strong frontwoman who can compete with men in the metal world. There aren’t a ton of women out there who fit that bill (there weren’t ten years ago, and there aren’t today). Kucsulain is ruthless and unapologetic, which gives WOJ the weight behind all of their punches. She has a confidence and presence in her singing that carries the album through until the end. It’s something that she has always shown in their live performances as well. I’m glad to hear she has retained that presence after not releasing and album through WOJ for so long.

Two noteworthy tracks are “Fight The Good Fight” and “Relentless.” In the first of the two, Kucsulain sings “Fight or die, that’s how I want to live my life.” While we might not (all) be literally fighting for our lives, this is something entirely relatable. It can seem like everything we do is to essentially fight for our survival. As long as we do what is right, and not just do what we are told, that is what’s important. Take action, and be yourself – these are the themes that listeners will take away from the album. I know “Relentless” technically came out two years ago, but it’s one of my favorite songs on the album anyway. The song was inspired by a man who wanted to raise money for his buddy who had Stage IV liver cancer. Their efforts grew into something far bigger than that and the band ended up writing and recording a demo version of “Relentless.” That was also the beginning of their relationship with HopeKids, and it’s something that continues today.

Just like The American Dream, NOCSYFY closes with a clean vocal track. The song, titled “Probably Will,” is simple, but wholly addicting. The lyrics are insanely catchy and will have you singing along in no time. It has a slower tempo so it gives the listener a nice cool down period after the intensity of the rest of the tracks. I am not always a fan of bands closing their albums out like that, but in this instance the song fits well.

NOCSYFY takes on more of a hardcore sound than metal. Kucsulain doesn’t hit the lower screaming notes like she did in their previous release. I would have loved to hear her experiment with her range a bit more though. Longtime fans have heard the evolution of her singing style over the years, and are aware of the range she is capable of. Even with that in mind, it’s still easy to say that this is a solid release. The band was heading in this direction eight years ago, so this is just a natural progression for them. As long as they never lose their fighting spirit they will continue to inspire fans everywhere.

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