Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra
Well Soon
(Lauren Records)

I’ll preface this piece by saying that I was hit with the worst case of writer’s block after being assigned this album to review. I struggled with getting the assignment done and at one point I almost gave up. However, after listening to the album several times on repeat I realized I couldn’t let that happen. I had to plow through somehow but it was proving to be much more difficult than it should be.

Then on the eve of their tour announcement I buckled down and did my best to articulate my thoughts on how amazing Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra’s new album is. Well Soon is 12 tracks of mellow acoustic jams that take a somber approach to dealing with living in your mid 20s. It’s a soundtrack for those now living in the confusion that is post grad life, not necessarily a guideline or an over inspirational anthem meant to rally the troops but more of a crutch. One meant to help keep you from falling face first into apathy and exhaustion from the overwhelming pressure to not fuck up.

I would like to note that vocalist Dustin Hayes’ voice has seen much improvement since the band’s earlier work. Perhaps he has taken singing lessons? Or could it be the Portland, Oregon air that has cleansed his vocal chords of all the damage caused by Southern California smog. Maybe he finally finished going through puberty; didn’t he put out that first record in high school? Regardless of the reason, his voice sounds like it could lull disgruntled punk crusts to sleep or at the very least get them to chill the fuck outside the show as they beg for quarters.

At times on this record, Mitty reminds me of a stripped down, punk rock Jimmy Buffet and I mean that in the best way possible. Although I doubt the band will be going to Cannoliville anytime soon I can see them landing on several best of 2014 lists, which is just as good. Though if I’m being honest I would rather have the cannoli, but my ass is always hungry. Also, I’m a fucking sucker for kazoos. You properly use a kazoo on your record and I’ll support your ass till the day I die or you quit making music, whichever comes first.

Check these dudes out, you won’t regret it. (Armando Olivas)

Purchase Well Soon here.

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