Warn The Duke
Ghost Be Gone
(Wiretap Records)

Despite the fact that the collective resumes of the Brooklyn-based four-piece, Warn The Duke, includes stints in River City Rebels and Big D and The Kids Table, their debut makes it pretty clear that they are not simply relying on past glories. On the 10-track Ghost Be Gone, the band is channeling a number of classic punk bands from The Clash to The Replacements. The result is both comfortably familiar and satisfyingly original.

The first few songs are some of the band’s heavier ones, while still solid, it’s when you hit tracks like “Noreaster,” or “Harry O’Donnell,” when the band settles into a more melodic vibe, that they really shine. The album closer, “Star,” in particular, is flat-out perfect from the lyrics to the music behind it; it’s political, a little angry and strongly relatable, with hooks that you can’t get out of your head – everything a punk rock song should be.

Warn The Duke, together for just two years, have had no problem coalescing into a solid groove. Comprised of former River City Rebels singer Dan McCool on vocals and guitar, Derek Davis of Big D and The Kids Table/The Toasters on drums, bassist Sara Press (Shorebirds) and George Miata on lead guitar, they play with the ease and confidence of a group that’s been together for much longer. Though McCool has no problem carrying the vocals, the addition of Press on backing vocals on songs like “Cordelia” bring the band to a new level.
(John B. Moore)

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