Weekend Nachos

Chicago’s sludgy powerviolence group Weekend Nachos are, by album number four, veterans. Despite the relatively innocuous band name, which would likely be better suited to a radio-friendly pop punk band, Weekend Nachos deal in some of the most vitriolic misanthropy to ever take the form of music. Gruff, howled vocals garnish the sludgy hardcore riffage with extreme tempo changes that set the scene for utterly devastating breakdowns. Lyrics touch on issues within the “scene,” such as the widely touted “All Cops Are Bastards,” or “A.C.A.B.”, mentality, in songs such as “S.C.A.B.” (changing “All” to “Some”). This idea is challenged with the words: “Did you ever experience police brutality/or did you read about it on a lyric sheet/Do you know what you’re fighting for/or are you just fucking bored.” The album’s lead track, “Sickened No More,” drives from blast beats into a groovy pace and sets the album off to a savage start. “You’re Not Punk” serves as a sort of poser call out, challenging the over-importance of reputation within the punk scene and delivering a crushing down-tempo breakdown. Clearly Weekend Nachos are Still great at channeling their hatred of everything into pummeling tracks. (Jacob Katsiaficas)

Purchase Still here: http://www.relapse.com/WeekendNachos


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