In The Whale
Nate & Eric

We all know that Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil that windy night at the crossroads of life. I wonder if he knew that he would have legions of future musicians fantasize about that late fateful night? Or did that come with the deal?

The Nate & Eric combined EP’s by In The Whale deal with various subjects such as Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil, someone being rejected from heaven for shooting a man, strange relatives, and lost loves. Basically all things good Indie Southern Rock albums should talk about.

Hailing from Denver, Colorado this duo is already making a name for themselves. They have had their music featured in commercials for Victory Motorcycles, as well as shared the stage with a number of big named artists.

The dynamics of the band are reminiscent of The Presidents of the United States of America, with as the Presidents say they use a “one stringed, two stringed, or three stringed guitar” to create music. In The Whale makes anything they touch turn into music. They look at life through a lighthearted lens; even if their subjects are a bit dark, they make it sound like it is fun. Musically the Nate & Eric EP’s sound like a less sexy Boots Electric or Eagles Of Death Metal. Good straight Rock ‘n Roll.

So this in turn makes me question, do all good musicians have to sell their souls to the devil? In The Whale sound as if they have already capitalized. I mean who needs their soul anyways? Buy this record! (Adam Vedomske)

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