Brace yourselves; this is black metal on acid.

Belgium’s Wiegedood (which translates into “cot death”) alter brain chemistry through their fourth full-length album There’s Always Blood at the End of the Road. Take a spiraling trip into madness when the release becomes available January 14 on Century Media Records.

Wiegedood exhibit all the essential elements that constitute a modern black metal band: ominous atmosphere, melancholic riffs, and disagreeable audio production. However, their exclusive charm resonates from an unhinged character and demented aura to their songs. Levy Seynaeve’s full-octane trebly vocals simulate a person suffering a severe psychotic breakdown, and the rapidly picked, carpal tunnel-inducing riffs by Seynaeve & Gilles Demolder fuse nicely with Wim Coppers’s imperial blast beats.

There’s Always Blood at the End of the Road opens with “FN SCAR 16,” a track who’s main riff is ironically catchy given its nagging quality. It conjures images of flying bug infestation, which the band appears keen of in the song’s official music video, showing endless layers of giant soaring cockroaches ravaging cities. The aerial assault is exacerbated during the tail end of the track as an alarming guitar lead joins the intrusion.

Wiegedood flex their creative muscle significantly on “Now Will Always Be,” a track that blends a delicate, droning, fluttering riff with an aggressive blast beat. Along with this unique arrangement, lyrics are recited through throat-singing, creating a harrowing journey in the mind through murky wilderness. The song’s closing section sets a dysphoric scene where the story’s hero perishes in said woods.

“Wade” is an instrumental consisting of a solo guitar, possibly of classical variety. It sounds like it’s in decrepit shape and detuned, playing a warped riff reminiscent of the verse in Metallica’s “Welcome Home (Sanitarium).” Being off-kilter as “Wade” is, it’s a fitting segue into “Nuages,” which is the most disturbing song on the album.

If Killer Clowns From Outer Space wrote a black metal song, it would probably sound like this one. Off the bat, the entire instrumental ensemble unleashes utter chaos that gets comically reigned in periodically by a single palm mute. Once “Nuages” kicks into gear, there’s blast beats and riffs blaring that are more appropriate for the circus. In keeping with the 80s theme, there’s a voice peppered on the finishing breakdown section that sounds an awful lot like Sloth from The Goonies.

Overall, There’s Always Blood at the End of the Road keeps the listener intrigued and aboard the black metal carnival ride of craziness. Wiegedood are certainly staking their claim as being one of the most fascinating acts in the genre since their arrival in 2014. This new release is another profound statement on the trio’s peculiar songwriting ability.

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20.01.2022        (NL)      Amsterdam – Q-Factory *
21.01.2022        (FR)      Paris – Petit Bain *
22.01.2022        (FR)      Colmar – Grillen *
23.01.2022        (BE)      Brussels – AB-Box *
25.01.2022        (DE)     Hamburg – Hafenklang *
26.01.2022        (DK)     Copenhagen – Vega *
27.01.2022        (DE)     Berlin – Zukunft *
28.01.2022        (DE)     Leipzig – UT Connewitz *
29.01.2022        (PL)      Poznan – Pod Minoga
30.01.2022        (CZ)      Prague – Fuchs2 *
31.01.2022        (HUN)   Budapest – Durer Kert *
01.02.2022        (AT)      Vienna – Arena *
02.02.2022        (AT)      Innsbruck – PMK *
03.02.2022        (IT)        Mezzago – Bloom *
04.02.2022        (CH)      Dudingen – Bad Bonn *
05.02.2022        (DE)     Munich – Feierwerk *
06.02.2022        (DE)     Cologne – Gebaeude 9 *
10.03.2022        (UK)      Birmingham – Hare & Hound
11.03.2022        (UK)      Bristol  – he Crown
12.03.2022        (UK)      Newcastle – The Cluny
13.03.2022        (UK)      Glasgow           Broadcast
14.03.2022        (N.IRE)  Belfast – Voodoo
15.03.2022        (IRE)     Galway – Roisin Dubh
16.03.2022        (IRE)     Dublin – Grand Social
17.03.2022        (UK)      Manchester – Star & Garter
18.03.2022        (UK)      Plymouth – The Underground
19.03.2022        (UK)      London – Oslo
22.03.2022        (LT)       Vilnius – XI20
23.03.2022        (LV)      Riga – Melna Piektdiena
24.03.2022        (EE)      Tallinn – Sveta Baar
25.03.2022        (RU)      Saint Petersburg – Lastochka
26.03.2022        (RU)      Moscow – Gorod
* w/ Portrayal Of Guilt
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