It seems appropriate that Tulsa, OK indie rockers Wilderado have managed to tour with Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie, both veterans of Fleetwood Mac. Musically there doesn’t see to be much overlap between the two bands, with Wilderado playing through louder amp and faster drumming, but lyrically both bands manage to create wildly relatable songs.

On LP, their first full-length after a handful of EPs, Rainer and his bandmates cover topic like depression, love, life and death, boredom, emotions we all have to face, but the band manage to make poetry out of shared sentiments. All while harnessing influences that sound like the aforementioned Fleetwood Mac, Mt. Joy and Kings Of Leon, among many others.

While I was back in Tulsa, I ran into a friend and he told me he had an old church in my neighborhood that wasn’t being used and if I wanted to pay for the power we could write and rehearse in there,” said Wilderado’s Maxim Rainer. “One day in that church I wrote “Surefire.” It was December 16, 2018. Something about that song opened me back up and I ended up writing the majority of the lyrics on this record in that church. I found freedom in the fact that no one could hear me, and I could sing and say whatever I wanted, so I wrote about everything.”

“Surefire,” that initial song that Rainer wrote in the church, made it onto the record, and though it’s a solid, mellower track, the band is at its best on some of the faster songs like the stellar album opener “Stranger” and the driving first single “Head Right,” an addictively catch song that dares you not to scream/sing along to it, chorus and verse.

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