Rise Of The Animal
(AFM Records)

The Wolfpakk are back with another new (and rather quick) release in the vein of Rise Of The Animal. Either time is flying by, or these guys really got this one out of the gate relatively quickly as it feels like only yesterday since I reviewed the band’s last outing, Cry Wolf back in 2013. But just as you might expect, Mark Sweeney and Michael Voss have delivered up one heck of a star-studded throwback that features guest appearances from greats like Axi Rudi Pell, Joe Lynn Turner, Don Dokken, Doug Aldrich, Michael Kiske, Mark Schulman and many more. With a cast like this, you can be sure to expect a pumped up performance that sounds like the eighties all over again, yet there’s enough punch and finesse to deliver these classic sounds to a new generation. Anyone whose familiar with power metal acts like Edguy and Hammerfall would definitely be interested in this one, as it’s here where we’ll find many of those classic musicians that helped to inspire several of these great and well known have metal acts. Not surprisingly, almost each and every track delivers an impressive display of vocal prowess, whether it be the rockin’ sex anthem “Sock It To Me” the catchy intervention encased within “Monkey On Your Back” or the sheer awesomeness of “Grizzly Man.” The album’s title track also made the cut as well, which paired with a slew of other respectable tracks, makes for a record that you wouldn’t exactly kick out of bed. It’s full-bodied, full of energy and definitely a bit heavier than you would expect. The powerful lead melodies deliver throughout each and every song and it follows a sing-along atmosphere that you’ll be begging to revisit many times before your final play… if there is a final play. Because I’ll admit that some of these songs are just that damn catchy. While there’s a good chance that some of you may not have ever heard of some of this album’s key players, Rise Of The Animal will definitely serve as a gateway to discovering their past legacies and in turn, music that you may have completely passed by in your never-ending musical journey. Just in case you neglected to pick up the band’s previous album Cry Wolf, you might want to pick up that one as well as it offers just as memorable a performance as the one here. Even though some reviewers and sites don’t seem to think so, Wolfpakk to me have always delivered the true spirit of heavy metal and there’s not a project out there quite like them. I expect their next album to be equally as potent. (Eric May)

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