In Her Own Words
Everything I Used To Trust

Brand New Me became an underground favorite of mine while I was working for a record label trying to pick them up on contract. The nine track album featured many great moments, and several tracks of which I still play frequently. So, when Everything I Used To Trust snuck up on me all of a sudden, I was eager to hear it. Admittedly, I was also very curious to know if I’d still like the band; they had, after all, had a change in vocalists since their last release. Luckily, the new leader has a stronger voice (in singing) than the last guy. However, it definitely needs to be noted that IHOW have pulled back on their heavy sections. With the exception of the explosive “With Or Without You”, there is no screaming to be found (and that specific track features a guest on the mic – Danny of Sulla Strada). Knowing this, you can have a general idea of what to expect from the album. There’s a lot more emphasis on the band’s punk roots now, and a lot less on their hardcore background that made Brand New Me so entertaining. That being said, IHOW still has a lot of similarities to A Day To Remember in sound (though I would say Set Your Goals is a heavier influence this time around).

While Everything I Used To Trust is definitely solid and enjoyable, the songs don’t stand out from one another too much (with the exception of “With Or Without You” and “Continuity”, which I will discuss shortly). There are five tracks on here I’ve played many times now, and I still wouldn’t highlight any over the other; they’re all good, but more or less the same. However, come to “With Or Without You”, and suddenly the band goes metalcore on your ass. It’s the closest you’re going to get to the style found on Brand New Me, and it’s done very well; it is certainly my favorite track. The screaming is intense, and reminds me of the mixture that reeled me into IHOW in the first place. The other track that can be differentiated from the pack is “Continuity”, the closing song. It’s purely instrumental, but that’s not what makes it enjoyable; its spark comes from the alt rock sound it carries throughout. I would have loved to heard some vocals to it, but it stands well without them.

So, Everything I Used To Trust is not as memorable as Brand New Me, but it’s still quite fun. In Her Own Words are still very label worthy, so hopefully the band chooses a contract soon. It’d be nice to see them getting the attention they deserve, and picking up big time national tours. (Nathaniel Lay)

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