Ever since Cro-Mags released Age of Quarrel, many in the hardcore community have believed that world peace was a myth, that it just can’t exist (anarchy as well, pure fiction!) These skeptics are in for a bit of a shock though. Like the Loch Ness Monster emerging from her watery keep for a tell-all interview and epic tea spill with Jimmy Kimmel, Oakland’s power-violence band World Peace are not only real, but they’re poised to deliver a city block disseminating payload in the form of their debut LP, Come and See. Nonbelievers repent! Your hour of judgment is at hand!

I’ll admit that I’m overselling World Peace’s Come and See a little here. It’s not actually an hour long. It’s more like ten minutes. Twenty songs in ten minutes. Trust me, I literally timed it. If there is one thing that kind of bugs me about the current generation of power violence and grindcore band’s its that they fuck around too much. This is not an issue that I have with World Peace.

Why take a minute forty to develop a basic death metal groove when you can pin the listener to the wall with a single twenty-second punch? World Peace approaches your ears like a gorilla trying to open an overripe avocado. They’re not going to devote time to delicately picking at the wrinkles and divots of its casing until it opens. Not at all. They’re going to toss sucker against the wall, lap up all the goo and guts, and then chew on the peal for the extra fiber. This is a band that prefers a direct approach to seeding aural destruction and I for one fully endorse their punishing lack of pretension!

Before you start thinking that World Peace is just a ham-fisted, herd of galoots with guitars, I’d like to take a moment to dissuade you from this conclusion. Of course, this is a simple task because there are no guitars on this Come and See. This trio consists of two bassists and a drummer. That’s it! Think of Water Torture filling in for Infest at a fest, who could not make the show due to a combination of food poisoning and blood-borne bacterial infection, playing their hearts out while sprinkling in snippets from Rorschach’s repertoire throughout their set.

There is a grand amount of detail packed into these tracks- a compelling sense of melody, and riffs and beats that could as easily have landed on a dirty-ass funk album, but none of this flare gets in the way of their untrammeled blitz. World Peace have a lot to offer on Come and See and they are in a god damn hurry to get it all out and into the open.

After listening to Come and See more times than I can count, I’m still impressed by things that I catch but missed on my first, second, and tenth full spin. It’s very apparent to me at this point that the title is not so much an invitation, but a threat. A threat not only of what you will find on this album, but also of what you might miss if you never give it a try. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go lie down and let my ears convalesce.

You can pick up a copy of Come and See on vinyl from Twelve Gauge Records here.


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