Year of the Locust

Year of the Locust is from New York and has just completed their first full length album of thirteen heavy hitting tracks. The band is comprised of Scot McGiveron (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Fred Serrell (Bass & Vocals), Peter Hellers (Vocals & Guitar), and Raeshwan Greene (Drums).

After the intro, you are blasted into the title track “Devolver” and its heavy and powerful sound that grabs you and shakes you from head to toe. Yes, this band is loud, like all the players have everything turned up to ten and trying to go to eleven, and the singer has a huge voice that fills up any space that is left over. The song is a perfect beginning to a record that never lets go of your ears. “Rise Up” is their new single and it is catchy, heavy and a thrilling ride that makes you want to turn it up loud. “Broken Now” is a terrific song that manages to be even better than the other killer songs on the album with its exciting performance and great lyrics. “In Your Corner” has amazing bass and distortion that made me listen to it a few times in a row. Closer “Spyder Man” is a great way to end the album with its darker sound and great guitar playing.

It’s great to hear a band having fun and kicking ass at the same time. The album has great riffs, catchy choruses, and tight playing throughout, making it a clear winner that gets played around here a lot. (Rick Ecker)

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