Yonatan Gat
Iberian Passage
(Joyful Noise)

Formerly of the sensational Israeli garage rockers Monotonix and more recently being heralded by the Village Voice as the best guitar player in NYC, Yonatan Gat found inspiration for this first solo release while doing some soul searching in Portugal. Mostly instrumental, the six songs on this EP bridge the gap between Gat’s punk rock days and his appreciation of world music, and improvisational grooves. As you would expect, the guitar playing is beyond superb, reaching a level few will ever surpass while incorporating influence from African and Brazilian legends. Not as reckless as his former work, Gat still has a knack for driving rhythms and vibrant psyche-rock, even getting forceful with “Kotonou” which wouldn’t wouldn’t be out of place on Monotonix’s Where Were You When It Happened?. An excellent display of a talent we should all be familiar with, fans of anything related to Monotonix or cultured, elegant, imaginative guitar music should gravitate towards this. (Tom Haugen)

Purchase Iberian Passage here: http://yonatangat.bandcamp.com/

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