The set of SoCal twins that make up the ultra-cool punk band The Garden are back at it again with their fourth studio record, Kiss My Superbowl Ring, (Epitaph) which dropped on March 13. This release might be one of their prolific releases yet, with their sound hinging on unpredictable arrangements and whiplash-inducing lyrics. 

The record starts with the track “Clench to Stay Awake” with vocals barely above a whisper. It sets us up for a pseudo-hardcore-inspired breakdown that comes in about a minute into the song. The rest of the album follows suit with outlandish sounds and warped vocals. Longtime fans will appreciate their dedication to creating even more sonically diverse tracks. 

This record features Ariel Pink and Khalif Jones to help give the album texture and vibrancy. “A Fool’s Expedition” is an angry, open letter, and the vitriol keeps the record in a state of controlled confusion. Its California style permeates through the whole album, with a constant focus on drums that oscillate between tropical steel drums and heavy cymbals and bass.

The vocals are always an eclectic mix of whispers to yelling with a unique tone that doesn’t go unnoticed. The variance in sound keeps the listener on their toes, and this record has the legs to stand on its own.

The Garden have outdone themselves on this record, showcasing their talents yet again and taking us to new places. Their capabilities don’t go unnoticed; last year, they made their Coachella debut, and they’re almost always on tour. This record was made to be noticed and to help usher in the warmer weather. 

Purchase the album here. 

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