UK synth-rock duo LeBrock drop their much-anticipated debut full-length album, Fuse, today via FiXT Neon. Fans of Journey, Van Halen, and The Midnight need to check this record out.

Fuse follows on from the band’s early EPs Action and Romance and Real Thing, continuing their ’80s-inspired contemporary sound that perfectly blends rock and throwback synths for a sound uniquely LeBrock.

The album features fan favorites including “Interstellar”, “Hollow”, “Takes All Night” and “Bright Lights” along with a bonus remix from Dance With The Dead.

Fuse was launched for pre-order exclusively on Bandcamp for four days in May, and immediately became the #1 best-selling album on the platform.

LeBrock Fuse

The duo have gained a die-hard fanbase through sheer hard work; extensive touring throughout Europe, weekly virtual DJ sets during the pandemic lockdown, and a series of videos and merch drops. Members Michael and Shaun have established themselves as some of the most uniquely compelling artists within the world of retro music, and the results speak for themselves.

Listen to Fuse below. Grab a copy, pick up some merch, and add it to your favorite streaming service here.

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Images courtesy of LeBrock.


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