Much like bands like the Exploding Hearts, Gentlemen Jesse, White Wires, distilled ‘70s power pop into a tasty cocktail, Italy’s Radio Days have delivered a throwback masterpiece with Rave On!, out June 11 through Sounds Rad. On the group’s latest LP, the trio delves deeply into Paul Collins-esque power pop, while also touching on moments of soul and ‘90s alt-rock.

Listen to Rave On! in full below:

Originally meant to be released in May of 2020, Radio Days decided to take the year to slowly roll out the album with the release of four videos and singles. Now all that teasing has paid off with the international release of Rave On!.

The album takes a metaphoric trip from the scratching ‘70s riffs (“I Got A Love”) back to the Beatlesque vibes (“Between the Lines”), moving across the British pub-rock of the Costello legacy (“‘Till the End of the Night”) and through to the ‘90s power-pop of Teenage Fanclub and Weezer (“Walk Alone” and “No One To Blame”).

On the release of the album, Dario Persi states:

“With Rave On!, at the beginning we wanted to make a cohesive album and we had in mind to try to focus on the ‘79-‘81 power pop golden-era bands we love, such as the Paul Collins’ Beat, The Rubinoos, the Knack and so on. But, while making the songs, we understood that once again it was impossible for us to focus on a single influence, and in the end, we added all the different sounds that we love.

So, we started with the ‘79-‘81 power pop idea and added some ‘50s rock’n’roll, ‘60s British invasion, ‘70s punk and ‘90s power-pop too, and we’re glad you can hear all of these sounds in the album. Rave On! is all we love in music—melodic but full of energy with a rock’n’roll soul.”

Purchase and stream Rave On! here.

Follow Radio Days at their website here.

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