San Francisco punks United Defiance have released their latest album Change The Frequency via Thousand Islands Records, with a vinyl release to follow in early 2022.

The new LP features guest vocals from Dave Pederson (Downway), Jason Devore (Authority Zero) and others, and acts as the follow-up to 2018’s Safe At Home.

Listen to Change The Frequency in full below:

The Bay Area quintet plays a mix of skate-punk and melodic hardcore inspired by the iconic bands of 90’s-era Fat and Epitaph. Their tight sound and high-energy live shows have seen them sharing the stage with numerous headlining acts over the years, including Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Anti-Flag, Good Riddance, Strung Out, and many others.

Appearances at the 2019 Music 4 Cancer and Red Bridge Festivals in Montreal and Quebec, respectively, led to United Defiance signing with Montreal-based label, Thousand Islands Records. Working remotely to stay productive throughout 2020, United Defiance wrote, rehearsed, and recorded Change the Frequency as well as staying engaged with fans via two Live Stream events on Facebook with Takeover Live in Southern California.

Read on below for our exclusive track-by-track with United Defiance’s Clinton Smith:

“Running Out of Time”

I wrote this track while dealing with a lot of addictions in my life. So the idea was to paint a toxic relationship. With whatever addiction you have and start asking yourself when is enough enough.


When I wrote ‘Daemons’ I was coming out of the darkest time in my life. Still dealing with a lot of my past issues the ‘Daemons’ in my head were louder than ever and no matter who was there for me I would push them away. The ‘Daemons’ had me convinced no one wanted me around, everyone was just acting as if they cared, and that I was more alone more than ever… The ‘Daemons’ were lying to me!!!! That’s what they do, I promise you are not alone!

“Cool Kids Club”

From the elitist telling you that you’re not punk rock enough or the clothes you wear are not cool enough to a well-known punk rock club making you feel like you don’t belong while preaching this is a safe space for everyone to the bands that conveniently turn the other way instead of speaking up when their friends are being shitty… that’s the “Cool Kids Club.” When I was introduced to punk rock I finally felt like I wasn’t alone, I finally felt like I belonged. But unfortunately, there is a side to every punk rock scene where you will never be punk enough. I’ve come to the point where I’m good with just being me, without labels.

“Frolic In Darkness”

This one is short and simple. I was stuck in darkness, always telling everyone that I was alright and just fine. I was far from all right and I was screaming to break free on the inside.

“Please Don’t Crash”

I wrote please don’t crash thinking back to so many bad things that were normalized to me. “This is just how things are,” I thought, and assumed that everyone went through the same trauma and situations that I did. When I realized that I needed to live my own life and do things the way I wanted to. I was told I was selfish, heartless and cold, so I became numb to it and made the decision to not care what the ones that were guiding me the wrong ways thought and move so far away from their normal.

“Empty Advice”

The lyrics for empty advice were written with the idea of someone that forces their advice on everyone but refuses to follow their own and do better for themselves. While I can appreciate people that think they are trying to help, it is really hard to take advice from those with jaded perspectives on everything.


l do not doubt most people’s intent when they say these words but sometimes there can be a lot more done than telling someone who just lost everything… “Thoughts and prayers.” This song is not a shot on anyone’s beliefs, I just always felt like it was such a quick meaningless go to that it was like saying “TAPS” bro!

“Show The World”

It’s time to break, out it’s time to move forward, it’s time to live your life for you and no one else. I’ve learned that is very hard to make people happy around you if you are not happy yourself. Inevitably it always comes back full circle either people take advantage of you, or your unhappiness just darkens everything. So it’s time to really push, get off your ass, no more excuses and show the world what you got! Your life is yours and no one elses!

“Sing With Me”

So, there I was, watching Bill and Ted: Face The Music and I decided I wanted to write a song to UNITE the world. If you know me then you know how much unity means to me. I strongly believe that our salvation is through unity. When I got into punk rock it was always us vs them (Authority), never US vs US. Stand United and let’s help each other up instead of pushing each other down. “Grab a drink and sing along with me.”

“Change The Frequency”

The definition of insanity is doing the same fucking thing over and over expecting different results. Change is one of the hardest things to do and one of the best things that you can do. I got to the point where I was extremely unhappy as a person and who I was, and I knew I had to change that. I am still working on myself and where I want to be. Believe in yourself and you can change and become exactly what you want to be.

“Spy vs Spy”

We have all had those friendships where tension can arise at any time. You never really know who’s at fault because nobody wants to take accountability. These are those friendships that you look back on and ask why you were even a part of it. Whether you burned bridges with other people, or they burned you. Sometimes the hardest people to stand up or the ones that you think have your best interest, so they take advantage of the fact that that is what you think.

“My Resignation”

Not everyone has an ideal familial experience growing up. The ones that are supposed to support you only do when other people are watching but never behind the scenes. These are the same people that blame you for all their own problems all while taking credit for what you have accomplished. The same people that get defensive when you point out how invisible they had made you feel. But I think there’s a time where you get to that point of saying enough is enough I have to live my own life I do not wish any ill will on anybody but here is me signing off.

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