We are excited to bring to you the newest EP from Affordable Hybrid, Bat/Roky. Affordable Hybrid are a post-punk band from Sweden, and their first release under the name since 2009. Bat/Roky is out October 28th via Flannel Gurl Records and can be streamed below.

The band pack a lot of punchy melodies into their music, utilizing guitars to drive motifs home, with the vocals rising above them and cutting through the gripping orchestrations. “Bat” is a high octane, energy driven song full of erratic changes that help keep listeners on edge, taking in massive waves of gritty post-punk at once.

“Affordable Hybrid was quiet for a long time and people said we were buried and gone. False. Samuel made a surprise visit at a solo show Lars did in Paris. The alarm clock went off and we woke up from our slumber. Like in a french love story they decided to write a new Affordable Hybrid album. Nowadays people record and produce for weeks and months and years. We didn’t. We wanted the energy that rock and punk was originally about. I hope you can feel that in the two pieces of the pie that we serve you now and that you’re still hungry for more when you’re done eating.” – Mikael Björklund
Pre-Order Bat/Roky here: U.S. | U.K.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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