We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Bad Future’s new self-titled album (listen below). The album will be released digitally on July 22nd and physically on August 26th through Dirt Cult Records.

“In my mind, Seattle’s Bad Future is the epitome of do it yourself ethics in modern American punk, having spent the past three years touring across the US and Europe in addition to self-releasing a debut LP ‘The Golden Age’ as well as a cassette EP entitled ‘Night Church.’ Now the band is back with their best batch of songs yet. Bad Future defy description, playing a blend of heavy, grungy, and somewhat mathy (without the pretention) hardcore punk.” – Dirt Cult Records

For fans of Canadian Rifle run through a ’90s emo (i.e. Rites of Spring, Heroin, etc.) filter.

Purchase Bad Future here.

Bad Future Tour Dates:
August 30 – Portland, OR at Blackwater Bar w/ Backbiter
August 31 – Chico, CA
September 1 – Oakland, CA at The Golden Bull
September 2 – San Bernadino, CA at The Office
September 3 – San Diego, CA at Awesome Fest
September 4 – Fullerton, CA at Program Skate Shop
September 5 – Los Angeles, CA at The Redwood Bar
September 6 – Fresno, CA
September 7 – Medford, OR at Johnny B’s
September 8 – Tacoma, WA

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