We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Bike Tuff’s new album Kamea (listen below), which is available for purchase here. The band comments on the release:

“‘Kamea’ is an album about life. It zigs and zags between the good and the bad. Love and loneliness. The uncertainty that bullies us everyday and the solace of knowing we’re in this together. There’s a sense of resiliency and optimism at the heart of these songs, even if they are sometimes dressed up in melancholy. Somewhere, there is good. We really hope that you dig this album. It means a heck of a lot to us and we’re excited to play these jams in all sorts of different places soon!”

Hailing from the “farm belt” that rolls across Southern Michigan, we don’t have an elaborate agenda for Bike Tuff. We have beards because we can’t always afford razors, we play fast because half the dudes are from Jersey, and we love playing in basements because there’s no stage for us to fall off of.

Upcoming Shows:
October 17 – Ft. Wayne, IN at Skelletunes with Kamikaze Girls
October 28 – Gainesville, FL at Mother’s Pub (Fest 15)
November 4 – London, ON at Call the Office with Snacks?
November 5 – Toronto, ON at Smiling Buddha (Denzel Fest 2)


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