New Noise Magazine is pleased to bring forth the full stream of the self-titled release of Drainage. The record is receiving a digital release on Friday, December 1st, with a full vinyl release coming later on in the spring of 2018. Drainage is a dark and encompassing record full of satisfyingly dark tones and grim textures. Between vocal yells that are cathartic and ghoulish rhythmic vibes, this record is meant to seem unsettling. “Habitualist” opens the record with a commanding presence, ringing out with booming notes and a drum pattern that adds a natural chaos. A constant drone is living in the background, making the track feel like an exorcism of something foul.

Drainage showcase their prowess of creating textures that don’t need an ounce of prettiness. “Kill–Sunshine” is a quick pummeling breath before riding into the demonic sounding “Under Skin.” The band seem to breathe in nothing but doom and exhale destruction with every progression. Take a listen to the self-titled release exclusively below, and make sure to catch the band live on December 2nd at The Blvd in Los Angeles, California.

“This album is about the cycle of acceptance. Having to adapt to the abnormalities of a different world. As a band we’ve dealt with acceptance of new environments, new endeavors and old habits. We wrote this album in the midst of these changes.” – Enrique Isla – Eisenacher, guitar/vocals

In 2015, Enrique Isla-Eisenacher started Drainage as a solo outlet to do something different than his other musical endeavors (Pigeonwing, H.A.G.S.). The fruits of these basement works yielded the EP titled “Limb Fin.” To the dismay of people in Enrique’s circle, this evoked strong memories of heroes past; greats such as Godflesh, Ministry, and Knut all get heavy nods on Limb Fin.

The buzz from the Limb Fin EP was the catalyst to push drummer Shane Taylor (ex-Take Over And Destroy, ex-Goya) and bassist Denise Pla (Galena) to join Isla-Eisenacher taking a leap forward to hone in on those old themes now fueled by a crushing rhythm section. With a fortified line-up, Drainage is a study on growth by bringing a fuller sound that pulls you in, pushes you to a limit, and leaves you with a sense of unease.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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