Mike Bell & The Movies are here to single-handedly bring back power-pop whether you like it or not. The Philadelphia rock band falls where 70s Stiff meets 90s Merge. Featuring members of Dogs On Acid, The Superweaks and Year Of Glad, the collection of Philly’s best punk rockers come together to give you the most hook-filled record not released on Lookout! ever.

Today, we’re pleased to bring you the premiere of the band’s new full-length Room (listen below). The album is being released on Friday (April 1st) through Lame-O Records.

Mike Bell comments: “This album is a three year exploration of my darkest tendencies. It’s less a collection of songs and more a memoir of the people and places that affected me during a very low period. Some elevated me up and out of my funk, while others helped dig the hole. I’ve tried to be as honest as possible without embellishing or passing too much judgement. In the end, everything balanced out. But this album is about those few years where I honestly wasn’t too sure if it would.”

Purchase Room here: Physical | Digital


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