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Nate AllenThe Pac-Away Dots exist in the cathartic space between plaintive indie rock, soul-bearing folk, blunt southern blues & jagged rock n’ roll. Their punk informed songs are vintage heart-on-the-sleeve Nate Allen (of Destroy Nate Allen). His merry band of Pac-Away Dots help drive things home with an energetic and electric flair.

Check out the full stream of Nate Allen’s Take Out The Trash below.

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Elements of blues, punk and folk line the foundation of this rock and roll record. Written by a workaholic during the throes of unemployment, Take Out The Trash covers the identity struggle between projecting a good image and actually being a kind person. The serious-but-hopeful lyrics are contrasted by a lighthearted beat, gang vocals and sometimes a kazoo, banjo or harmonica. Nate Allen (one half of the zany duo Destroy Nate Allen) is a white man in his 30’s taking a stern look in the mirror, acknowledging privilege and pain, and inviting you to Take Out The Trash.

Nate Allen Tour Dates:
Oct. 02 – St. Louis, MO
Oct. 03 – Ames, Iowa
Oct. 09 – Kansas City, MO *
Oct. 10 – Fairfield, IOWA *
Oct. 11 – Chicago, IL *
Oct. 12 – Chicago, IL *
Oct. 13 – Grand Rapids, MI *
Oct. 14 – Kalamazoo, MI *
Oct. 15 – Flint, MI *
Oct. 16 – Lansing, MI *
Oct. 17 – Taylor, MI *
Oct. 18 – Akron, OH *
Oct. 19 – Pittsburgh, PA *
Oct. 20 – Cleveland, OH
Oct. 21 – Columbus, OH
Oct. 22 – Indiana
Oct. 23 – St. Louis, MO

* w/Self Proclaimed Narcissist

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