We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Pabst’s new EP Skinwalker (listen below), available for purchase on 10″ vinyl (limited to 300 hand-numbered copies) through CrazySane Records.

Pabst vocalist/guitarist Erik Heise comments:

“The EP was an experiment, or you could call it an accident; there was no intention behind it, no plan. ‘Hey, this studio’s got a free spot in two weeks, let’s record something.’ We didn’t even really have songs in the first place. So I wrote some rough ideas on my laptop, we rehearsed and developed them a little and then went for it. I guess, in a way, it was just really waiting to come out.”

You can also check out the music video for the title track, “Skinwalker,” below.

About Pabst:

Pabst are a Berlin-based power trio who are ready to transcend the definitions of modern rock music.

In an era where grunge has been marginalized into a fashion statement, Pabst revitalize the genre with elements of noise rock, stoner rock and R&B. With their debut EP, they tramp the territory that lies between Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr. and Tame Impala, while unabashedly flirting with female pop groups from the early 00s.

Both sexy and profound, this record is a “petite mort” for grunge fans that definitely lasts beyond a one-night stand. (mastered by Magnus Lindberg / Cult of Luna, Graphic Design by Fabian Bremer / Radare).

This EP is the epitome of the 90’s grunge pop-aspiration. With a combination of “hang loose” riffing and tight drumming, Pabst manage to transcend the realms of heavy rock, while still retaining the genre’s raw texture and DIY allure. – Robert Westerfeld / Arctic Drones


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