We’re pleased to bring you the stream of Rotten UK’s new album That Is Not Dead (stream it below), which is scheduled for official release on November 11th through Hells Headbangers. You can purchase the album now through Bandcamp.

Rotten UK vocalist Sinn Vicious comments on the release:

“I’ve had a lot of people ask us about our album title being an abstract statement, not knowing that it’s part of an H.P. Lovecraft quote. But it does have more of a meaning to us than just that; it is a metaphor for the coming of the new dark age we are entering with social, political, spiritual and environmental disrupt all around us the only thing we have left to even grasp any bits of our sanity or freedom is to hold on to the true old ethos of the concept of being an underground scene or movement. Punk, goth, metal this is a family, a community, a threat and a way of life. We are here to defend that with our own spells, rituals, and battle cries til the very fuckin’ end.”

About Rotten UK:

It’s a fact that there’s still lost eldritch underground sounds of the ’80s still being resurrected from the darkest crypts, and Rotten UK are one of those spectres that proves this: bursting from the coffin, summoned to this age to remind us that the impending dooms that we have been warned about in past times are right here, now banging on our doorsteps. With massive influences culled from almost all anti-authoritarian genres of the ’80s, they stir a cauldron of Dickens-esque UK82, anarcho-punk, post-punk, hardcore, deathrock, and heavy metal, creating a sound that is as much a dead fetus in the womb as it is a ghost in chains. Melding together Lovecraftian and occult mysticism with sociopolitical commentaries and cries of revolution in an age that is seeped in blind-eyed madness constantly on the verge of doomsday, these vamps come spitting, smashing, bleeding, and frothing, haunting your turntables and clubs only for their own sheer bemusement, calling out the hypocritical zombies of today in hopes that maybe, just maybe, all us outcast scum will get a mild bit of enlightenment before the chaos fully engulfs us.

Emerging from a portal somewhere that links the industrial necropolises of Rochester, England and Rochester, NY whilst defying time between 1982 and 2016, Rotten UK have been terrorizing the colonial states for the past five years with their own special breed of revolution-inspired Lovecraftian punk, summoning the reaper and pleading the old gods to tear down the walls of our modern institutions, religions, and governments, balancing haunting melodies with venomous aggression. Their call for the outcasts of this world to wake up and seize the day before we meet extinction is bleeding out of their music: a throwback to the underground sounds of the ’80s that they refuse to leave buried in the tombs.

Haunting Satanic punk from Rochester NY featuring ex-Bludwulf vocalist Reverend James Von Sinn (aka Sinn Vicious), this four-piece has been playing for the past five years, spreading their own brand of old-school anarchy and chaos mixed with nightmare-gothic leanings. With a bunch of successful, fast-selling self-released 7″s and demos along with rabid shows ending in bloodied fists and broken glass, these unruly bastards quickly earned a reputation up and down the American East Coast, in Canada, and Europe as spooky, snarling rock ‘n’ roll bad-boys the likes of which have not been seen since the days of the Sex Pistols, Stooges, and Dead Boys but with more venomous, evil, and sadistic tendencies! These cretins are a dying breed, yet a call to a new age of true magic and revolution!

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