We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Towers’ new self-titled debut EP (listen below), which is scheduled for release independently on September 30th. You can pre-order the EP now on iTunes.

The band comments on the release:

“This came from an idea. One idea that was shared with 4 guys who all pulled through and made into what this is now. We hope this EP helps people going through hard times. And to pursue and persist on to better things. This is just the start for us. And we are very proud of what we have created in this EP. So thank you to everyone who has the time to listen to it. It’s harder and harder to get noticed these days. So if you have found us, and you like us, tell your friends, give us a share, and we will see you at a show very soon!”

South Coast newcomers Towers came out swinging once again, presenting anthemic video single “Could Have” (watch below). Describing it as being about “that feeling that comes over you when you don’t feel you’re getting anywhere in your life,” the track was the first ever written by the band members and ultimately what drove them to pursuing the project. Vocalist/guitarist Mark continues, “I went through a lot of those thoughts when I stopped writing music. You start to think of all the opportunities that you have been given, and what your life would have been if you went down a different path, so it’s ironic how it was the catalyst of how Towers even started.”

The creation of Towers is something which Mark openly reveals is rooted in his mental wellbeing: “I went through a tough time last year with personal and mental issues. Music was the only thing that kept me going through it. I started writing these songs during that time, and once I recorded them I had made a lot of progress with myself. It was basically therapy for me!” In fact, all of Towers’ members, who comprise Guitarist Dan, Bassist Matt and Drummer Jamie, share this motivation, as Mark explains “We do it for the love for music, we love playing music, writing music, and we are all best friends. If we don’t write music we go crazy. Trust me.”

Towers 3-track EP’s artwork simply features an image of their beloved Bournemouth beach. Seeing them head west, the record was laid down with Jonny Renshaw at Bandit Studios (Devil Sold His Soul, Blood Youth). “We wanted a massive sound, and we knew that he would take what we had and bring it up to a level that we wanted. It was the most relaxed recording process we have ever had. Jonny is so passionate about music and we worked really well with him,” recalls Mark. Big the tracks certainly are: anthemic, brimming with emotion, infectious harmonies and an overriding sense of positivity. Easily drawing comparisons to the likes of Deaf Havana, 30 Seconds To Mars and Biffy Clyro, the band cite influences ranging from Jimmy Eat World to Sigur Ros. Mark concludes: “We try to write simple, catchy rock songs that sound massive. We have all been in different bands, and bands together for over a decade. But this EP feels like we have something special.”

Upcoming Show:
14 October – Anvil – Bournemouth (Debut & EP Launch Show)

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