Wyldlife photo by Radek Piechuta

Rock and roll is at its best when it’s reckless and rambunctious. The energy and vigor that can flow from the style has been unrivaled for decades. New York City garage punks Wyldlife are bringing that sensation back with their brand new album Out On Your Block. It’s a melding of purely raw riffs and catchy pop hooks that creates an emphatic sound. There’s an unbridled intensity and a heart on the sleeve aesthetic that shines like a golden arrow heading straight for the soul.

“There are people who say there are no bands that play good rock music anymore, and I disagree, because we’ve seen them, we’ve played with them,” says singer Dave Feldman. “A lot of bands move in a different direction when the third album comes around, but if there’s anything Wyldlife does correctly, it’s that we’re not looking to change, really, for anybody. These are ten new songs that continue the ethos of the band: try to have a good time for as long as you can in this life, because you only get to go around once.”

All the songs are written by both Feldman and guitarist Sam Allen, who have been friends since elementary school. The lead single “Contraband” has a distinct Jim Carroll influence and it’s evident through the fast paced speed, sheer amplification and charismatic lyrics. “Teenage Heart” is a youthful jam about longing for a lost love that’s powerful and vigorous. Making the devil out to be an anti-hero is “Cuffed”, this track is in your face and simply badass. Drummer Stevie Dios and bassist Spencer Alexander combine to serve as the rhythmic engine from start to finish.

Wyldlife will be celebrating the release of Out On Your Block at Union Pool in Brooklyn on January 27 with Baby Shakes, Bob Mann & The Rolling Thunder and 1-800-BAND for what should be a raucous time. For a sneak preview of what to expect, stream the band’s new album below and enjoy.

Purchase Out On The Block here.


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