Yardsss have released the stream of their new EP Granfalloons, available now through Self Group (listen below). Yardsss is a duo comprised of C^VES’ Burke Jam and Krist Krueger (Southerly, SELF Group label) that delves into soaring drone noise and melody as cacophony reminiscent of late-80s/early-90s SWANS, Emeralds and Popul Vuh.

Krist Krueger comments on one of the songs: “‘Granfalloons III’ as well as ‘Granfalloons II’ are the first two Yardsss tracks to feature lyrics versus simply using vocal harmonies to accent and create melodies within the prior more instrumental direction.  This EP still takes on the instrumental focus of the project but is also an indication of a natural evolution, eliminating boundaries, refusing to be typecast, which is the purpose of Yardsss itself.”

Purchase Granfalloons here.

Regarding Krist Krueger’s Yardsss: If you read about it before listening, you’d likely mistake it for a liberal arts master’s thesis. Where most bands play “shows,” Yardsss puts on “performance case studies” and multimedia installations, including a collection of songs inspired by—not covers of!—avant-garde composer John Cage. All this could be completely obnoxious except for one thing: Yardsss is transcendentally, earth-shatteringly gorgeous. If you can make music like that, you get to call your show a case study.

“Yardsss tends toward the dark and droning and bombastic, with heady, swelling orchestrations. Perhaps because human voices appear so rarely and the music is so evocative, it occasionally brings to mind Emeralds’ Does It Look Like I’m Here? It doesn’t take many listens to understand that Krueger is breaking boundaries not for the sake of being (or seeming) transgressive, but to make sounds that awaken actual feelings—uplifting, inspiring emotions.” – Portland Mercury

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