All Hail The Yeti Releases Silent Film-Inspired Music Video For “Daughter Of The Morning Star”

Whiskey-soaked hardcore metal hybrid All Hail The Yeti released their long-awaited full-length concept album, Screams From A Black Wilderness, earlier this month via Minus Head Records. Today, the band has released their new silent film-inspired music video for one of the album’s standout tracks, “Daughter Of The Morning Star”.

Finalizing their conceptual music video series, the “Daughter Of The Morning Star” video is designed to depict the earliest part of the “Before The Flames” / “After The Great Fire” satanic nun saga. The video is once again directed by Brian Cox of Flarelight Films.

Vocalist Connor Garritty explains the concept behind this particular video: “This story begins in the late 1400’s with a pagan witch/wiccan woman who lives by herself, purposefully distanced from a village of Christian Puritans. They are scared of her because she is different and doesn’t follow their ideals. The men from the village plan to get rid of her and hunt her down. They rape her, beat her and leave her for dead. She then transforms and summons the power of the devil and takes revenge on the men and the people from the village.”

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