Las Vegas, Nevada quintet Amarionette recently released their new single “Compromise,” which features Kurt Travis (A Lot Like Birds, Dance Gavin Dance). The group combine aspects of post-hardcore with synth tinged wings spreading into the air. The pop-rock anthem is a perfect collaboration between sounds and landscapes, which gave us the idea to work with Amarionette to discuss some of the best collaborations in music history.

“Walk this Way” Run DMC & Aerosmith
Hip hop wasn’t at all what it is now during this and Aerosmith was kind of in the back and the track really brought both the genre of hip hop to the mainstream and brought Aerosmith back into the spotlight after falling back. The reason the track resonates is it broke down a lot of walls both musical and racial. The tracks loud piercing vocals from Steven and the smooth rhymes complement each other really well.

“Beat It” Michael Jackson & Eddie Van Halen
I mean who does love this song? Seeing as Nick is the biggest Van Halen fan I’ve ever met this song is import to the whole band. Issy gets compared to Michal all the time. If we were a band back in the 80s this probably would have been the sound we would most sound like. Eddie’s blazing guitar solo over the grooving bass line and solid drums complement Michaels voice and catchy repeated Beat it beat it beat it.

“Numb/Encore” Linkin Park & Jay-Z
All of us in the band are born around the same year give or take a couple years but all millennials and what millennial didn’t hear this album. This was huge. Jay Z was Hova and Linkin Park had taken over the radio waves. Back when MTV still played music videos. Just when two very different musical styles collide and collide so well. The songs on their own were already bangers but you mash them together and they oddly work great together. It is kind of what Amarionette is doing anyway. We all have very different influences from metal, classic rock, Motown, hip hop, neo soul. Its part of the reason picking a genre for us is so hard as we all have such far and wide influences but they work well when you tastefully put them all together.

“No One Knows” Dave Grohl & Queens of the Stone Age
What else can be said. Dave fucking Grohl. Nothing gets more rock than that. The man kills it on guitar. Can clearly still kill it with the drums. He was in Nirvana. He even plays the devil for Tenacious D. Dave Grohl is a living icon. Anything Dave Grohl touches turns to gold.

“Stronger’ Kanye West & Daft Punk Live at The Grammys
Did you see the performance? With the electronic music starting to take a larger spot in our music this was kind of the beginning of electronic music being used more in hip hop and just seeing daft punk in that giant pyramid was so crazy. They were doing all these crazy arpeggiated rhythms and mangling voice samples all live. I had no idea what synths and DAWs could do or what they were until I saw that and wanted to know how to do it. The performance changed me as a musician.

Tour dates:
5/4 – Las Vegas, NV at 172
5/17 – Pomona, CA at PBW
5/18 – Fresno, CA at Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company
6/20 – Phoenix, AZ at Pub Rock
6/21 – Amarillo, TX at Goldenlight Cantina
6/22 – Houston, TX at Secret Group (Heat Wave Music Festival)
6/23 – Austin, TX at Come and Take It
6/24 – Dallas, TX at Prophet Bar
6/25 – El Paso, TX at Rockhouse Bar & Grill



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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