Because cassettes rule hard and never really age, The Analog Cave is here to bring you some of the best in underground tapes and collected vision. A cassette is like your best friend, your most trusted travel partner, and a specimen of imaginative fantasy and otherworldly dimension. Pop one in and transform. Ride the highway eternal.

Goat Explosion: Siesta Infernal: Into Endless Chaos Records
April 28, 2016

There’s a classic and groovy dimension to Germany’s Goat Explosion that is both honorary and deft. Each song on their crushing and airy debut demo is economical like an alien warlord: shaping morphing tentacles that recall Sabbath, Pentagram, and a sort of early circular progressive rock. The band are a colorful, grim, and psychedelic statue, heavy and thoughtful throughout their entire punishing structure. Siesta Infernal is destined for the dark night: the time of ghosts, witches, and orbital dreams. The cassette comes in an odd light red color—a supreme nugget for your glowing library.

Enema Syringe: Flapper: Chondritic Sound
Nov. 14, 2016

Tremendous terror is presented in a sort of calming and natural way on Enema Syringe’s invigorating new release, Flapper. The ability to morph noise and rhythm in a tangible and hilarious way has been a hallmark of this Swedish industrial group since their inception in the mid ‘80s. This particular cassette contains four compositions from both the ‘80s and 2000s, and it has the unique ability to show both appreciation and scorn toward general musical direction. It’s an existential cruise through the wastelands of electronic possibilities. With its silver, black, and dynamic graphic design, this cassette is something you’d likely find at the end of the noise rainbow: a place where the Residents would be waiting for you, being odd, with Flapper in hand.

Morte: Lento Descenso a la Putrefacción: Lycanthropic Chants

Planetary shifting death/doom is the calling card of Buenos Aires old-school wizards, Morte. They rule the board with trick hands, twisting combos, and darkening spells, plowing through tunneling wormholes with a technical and breezy artistry. Things get slow and devastating on their debut release, Lento Descenso a la Putrefacción. A sort of trip through a world of horror-mirrors, the tape crawls through the slime with tasty speed passages scattered throughout. The band’s sound is in the ballpark of such legions as Dismember, Autopsy, and Asphyx, but has a creative and unique spell all its own. These smoky dungeon anthems will make you long for the eternal darkness, the tingling occult breeze, and the freeness of the infinite universe.

Deep Pill: Seer: Ascetic House
September 2016

Techno and industrial beats weave angular glee throughout Tempe, Arizona-based band Deep Pill’s newest endeavor, Seer. If the galactic beings from Urn 5 were heading out for a dance party at the newest underground club, they could surely expect some Deep Pill to be spun. This cassette is deeply planetary, both dimensionally sound and wildly free. It’s the kind of tape that’s destined for that special place in your house. You know, the place where your inner raver can finally shed its skin and be released into the atmosphere: burning mad, groovy, and robotically. Without a doubt, this is one of the best tapes I’ve heard all year.


Witchthroat Serpent: Sang-Dragon: Deadlight Entertainment
April 30, 2016

By far, the coolest and most killer cassette tape of 2016 goes to France’s Witchthroat Serpent. The band’s second release, the mystical Sang-Dragon is a monster of doom and kaleidoscopic vision—a journey through the frays of acid and psychedelic holiness. Each instrument defined epically, each pulsing riff, perpetually legendary. There’s calm, tripped-out madness, headbanging righteousness, and a complete identity that’s refreshing and bold. Many bands go retro, but only the best are pure. Witchthroat Serpent are the truth, and their new cassette is so artful, it’s ridiculous. Press play, and you’re off. Next stop: the Delta Quadrant.

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