Because cassettes rule hard and never really age, the Analog Cave is here to bring you some of the best in underground tapes and collected vision. A cassette is like your best friend, your most trusted travel partner, and a specimen of imaginative fantasy and otherworldly dimension. Pop one in and transform. Ride the highway eternal.

Multa Nox: Living Pearl: NNA Tapes

Multa Nox—the project of New York City-based recording and performance artist Sally Decker—is an investigation into the nether regions of the cerebral cortex. The outer zone of neural tissue is called gray matter, and Living Pearl is the departure, connection, and moist swirling of said phenomena. The hemispheres of the mind collapse into Decker’s lush, inviting, synthesizer-heavy compositions. Elements of sound-recording, harsh noise, and Decker’s poetic abstraction fuel an orb-like procession: ever dwindling, shifting, and circular. Pop this thing in on a long ride along the coast. The wind across your brow, the waves crashing like eternal and warm sirens. You’ll be tripping, man.

Storm Ross / Shoto: Split: Already Dead Tapes And Records

Two Michigan artists work the infinite end of the spectrum with a bodacious split cassette. Storm Ross—the electronic and guitar madman from Ann Arbor—kicks things off with the extended freeform beauty, “I Wish I Could Have Known You.” The song careens and dips into caverns dark and tactile, a wistful hard jazz meets a Neil Young circa “Dead Man” sort of painterly extension. It’s wild and touching. Kalamazoo’s grind-doom-prog-ers, Shoto, fill out the backend with two industrial-math numbers that’ll have you walking toward the intersection of Botch, Earth, and Raoul Björkenheim. It’s super arty, super lean, and super worthy of continuous playback. Epic tape!

Cult Of Erinyes: Tiberivs: Caverna Abismal Records

Step into the netherworld and never return. Belgium black metal phantoms, Cult Of Erinyes, are a duo on the bleakest side of the moon. The band’s third full-length, Tiberivs, invites the lucky listener into portals stark, bleak, and shiny: a trek out to ancient Rome in the Tiberius era. The group have an honest second wave of black metal vibe running through their whispery darkness; an arty and swift proficiency drives its linear frames. Tiberivs is a shadowy stone that bursts with moments of dark infusion and shiny solos that cut through parallel dimensions of Hell. This is your go-to cassette for candlelit chess, wine, and ganja sessions. The dream will swirl you up and spin you some pleasant nightmares—if you dig that sort of thing.

Mindkult: Lucifer’s Dream: Caligari Records

Sleep, my friend. Sleep until the darkness has exercised its crawling madness and made a tunnel of nightmares out of smoke and doom. Virginia’s Mindkult—the throwback project of sole member, Fowst—brings this ghostly vision to your mindscape. The first full-length, Lucifer’s Dream, is the sort of thing you light the evening’s ceremonial bong rip to: the perfect maddening portal to crawl into for some unmatched psychedelic vibes. A little bit Sabbath, a little bit Trouble, a little bit punk rock, and even a touch of early and loose Grateful Dead, this is a wicked little analog nugget for the collection. Friday night just got dark and brazen.

Tanator: Degradation of Mankind: Reforestation Records

Man, this is some ridiculously rigid blackened thrash. Russia’s Tanator create some intensely icy force on their second full-length, Degradation of Mankind, the sort of record that makes you think of Siberia and fires and storms of pain. The Saint Petersburg-based trio offer quickening shards of raw, angular riffs, wondrously abhorrent choruses, and punkness that sticks like a metallic bond. You’ll be whipping and cracking like the Batmobile on acid, spinning around all evil with goblets of witchery and resonance. Who’da thunk that the best thrash of the year would come all the way from Mother Russia? …But it did.

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